Renata Jachowicz, Witold Brniak, Anna Krupa, Witold Jamróz

Tabletki ulegające rozpadowi w jamie ustnej. Kierunki badań, technologie. Część III

Orally disintegrating tablets – development directions, technologies. Part III
Currently, the compendial method of ODT’s evaluation is a disintegration test for conventional tablets. It does not reflect disintegration process in the oral cavity. Therefore, alternative methods are proposed in the literature that are more related to in vivo condition or better discriminating different formulations. Examples include modified dissolution paddle apparatus, texture analyzer, rotating shaft apparatus, disintegration on a wire cloth, FDA syringe test, KYO method, CCD camera application, or wetting time and water absorption ratio measurement. The article presents latest trends in the development of ODT’s evaluation methods.
Keywords: orodispersible tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, disintegration test, ODT’s evaluation.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(11): 770-775