Marta Przybysławska, Katarzyna Winnicka

Mikrokapsułki – budowa i perspektywy zastosowania

Microcapsules – structure and application perspective
The microcapsules can be defined as solid spherical particles of 1-1000 μm diameters, which consist of two components – core material and coat. Core materials include solids, liquids or gases ingredients. Coats, which protect the core from the external environment, are made of natural products or synthetic compounds. Microcapsules are mainly used to obtain modified or sustained drug release. Nowadays, these forms are also used as carriers of cells, proteins and genes. This article reviews structure of microcapsules, substances used in their production and application perspective of this group of microparticles.
Keywords: microcapsules, microparticles, drug carriers.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(11): 776-781