Alina Pyka, Małgorzata Dołowy, Katarzyna Bober

Zastosowanie metody spektrofotometrii do oznaczania paracetamolu w tabletkach

Application of spectrophotometry to paracetamol determination in tablets

Spectrophotometry was established for quantification of paracetamol in Paracetamol tablets (500 mg in tablet, Polfarmex). Extraction conditions of paracetamol from tablets were worked using ethanol (99.8%). Analyses of ethanolic extracts were performed at λ=250 nm. Paracetamol content in investigated drug is consistent with Polish Pharmacopoeia recommendations (2002), because paracetamol content in the preparation should not be smaller than 95% and larger than 105% of declared value.
Keywords: paracetamol, drug, spectrophotometry, quantitative determinat.ion