Witold Jamróz, Renata Jachowicz, Anna Czech

Rozwiązania technologiczne w terapii chorob przyzębia

Development of delivery systems in periodontal therapy

The main objective of an effective pharmacotherapy is to achieve clinical effect by attaining the active ingredient concentration for a suitable time in a specific region. Periodontal disease specificity requires customized technological solutions. The appropriate concentration of active ingredients could be achieved by locally used sustained release formulation. Research on the formulation of drugs applied into periodontal pockets mainly concerns the influence of polymer carriers on the release rate of the drug substance and the evaluation of the comfort associated with the application of dosage forms into periodontal pockets. Development of delivery systems include reservoir and matrix solid dosage forms in the form of: fibers, stripes, films, and multicompartment systems: micro- and nanoparticles. In situ gelling systems are used in the liquid form. Gelatin and its derivatives, chitosan, cellulose derivatives, acrylic acid derivatives and copolymers of lactic and glycolic acid are used as the carriers.

Keywords: Drug delivery system, films, microspheres, in situ gelling systems, periodontology.

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