Janusz Jaroszyński, Marta Roszkowska

Import docelowy produktów leczniczych w Polsce

The direct import of medicinal products in Poland ・ Direct imports consists in importing from abroad medicinal products, which are not admitted to trading in Poland, in order to save a patient's life or health. It is governed by a number of legal acts, the knowledge of which is extremely important both for doctors, pharmacists and hospital directors. Pharmaceutical wholesale companies must pay particular attention to make sure that a given drug is admitted to trading in the country from which it is imported. In the event of breaching the above-mentioned principle, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector may issue a decision to revoke the permit for wholesale trade in medicinal products. There is no publication in the literature that would show clearly the whole process of funding and importing medicinal products within the scope of direct imports.

Keywords: direct import, medical benefits, charge, insured, patient, examination, prescription.

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