Piotr Merks, Damian Świeczkowski, Michał Byliniak, Krzysztof Słomiak, Jerzy Krysiński

Błędy związane z wydawaniem leków w aptekach otwartych i szpitalnych – przegląd literatury

Dispensing errors in the community and hospital pharmacy – literature review

The aim of the article is to present the current state of knowledge on dispensing errors in the light of the current scientific findings and to demonstrate the need for the implementation of the research in this field in Polish pharmacies. For this purpose, the literature review technique was used. It has been shown that the errors associated with the wrong dispensing are about 2% of drug errors. Computerisation of the pharmacy, or the authorization process can reduce the number of errors related to the supply of medicinal products. Poland should expect a thorough scientific discussion in this area. This article can lead to the creation of Standard Operating Procedure on dispensing of medicinal products that may be incorporated into the discussed recently in Good Pharmacy Practice.

Keywords: dispensing errors, community pharmacy, social pharmacy, literature review

© Farm Pol, 2015, 71(5): 302-312