Paulina Bronowicz, Patrycja Saganowska, Marek Wesołowski

Kokryształy – nowy sposób na zwiększenie rozpuszczalności substancji leczniczej

Cocrystals – a new way of solubility increasing of active pharmaceutical ingredient

In the recent years an increasing interest has been observed in the cocrystals as a new way to improve the physicochemical properties and hence, the bioavailability of numerous active pharmaceutical ingredients. Pharmaceutical cocrystal can be defined as a stoichiometric multiple component substance, in which at least one of the component is an active ingredient in conjunction with coformer. This paper shortly presents a general characteristics of cocrystals, their preparation methods (using dry grinding and liquid-assisted grinding) and describes differential scanning calorimetry, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy that are used to quickly investigate of the cocrystals formation.

Keywords: active pharmaceutical ingredients, cocrystals, coformers, solubility increasing.

© Farm Pol, 2016, 72(9): 622–628