Jakub Gburek, Krzysztof Gołąb, Karina Reczek, Maria Warwas

Farmakologiczne zapobieganie tworzeniu się AGEs w organizmie

Farmakologiczne zapobieganie tworzeniu się AGEs w organizmie

Pharmacological prevention of AGEs formation in the body

This-review presents recent discoveries concerning pharmacological inhibitors-of Advanced Glycation Endoproducts (AGEs) formation, studied in humans.-AGEs are the final products of the Maillard reaction in the body. Inhibitors-of AGEs formation can be used in prevention and treatment of many-diseases, such as complications of diabetes and inflammatory diseases.-Actually the most promising compounds, which prevent glycation are:-statins, alagebrium and thiazolidinediones. Some of the compounds-which were patented (for example: human sRAGE, novel imidazole-compounds, heterocyclic Schiff bases) can be a basis for creation of new-substances which could be used in the future human therapy.

Keywords: Maillard reaction, AGEs, diabetic complication, antiglycation therapies, human study

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