Justyna Grzegółkowska, Paweł Grzegółkowski, Marek Droździk

Immunosuppressive therapy in pregnancy  

Immunosuppressive drugs are a wide range of chemical substances used mainly by patients with systemic inflammatory diseases or after organ transplantation (heart, kidneys, liver). These diseases are often related to young women in reproductive age who want to be pregnant or spontaneously get pregnant. Due to limited data on the safety of immunosuppressive drugs, these patients are a big challenge for clinicians. Most medications are contraindicated in pregnancy because of multiple side effects. On the other hand, it seems that there are relatively safe alternatives. This review presents most commonly used immunosuppressive drugs in pregnancy (concerning patients with systemic inflammatory diseases or patients after transplantation).

Keywords: immunosuppressive drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs; antiinflammatorios; autoimmune diseases, pregnancy.

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