Ewa Waluga, Katarzyna Komosińska-Vassev, Jacek Szczepański, Paweł Olczyk

Omentyna – nowy biomarker w medycynie? Część 2.

Omentin – a novel biomarker in medicine? (Part 2)

Omentin is an adipokine which can contribute to the development of non-alcoholic desease. This adipokine can affect the development and course of coronary disease. Novel scientific reports indicate the possible effect of omentin on the occurrence and course of chronic autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease or rheumatoid arthritis. A role of omentin in polycystic ovary syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea is investigeted. In the future, omentin and other adipokines may become important biomarkers for some diseases.

Keywords: omentin, adipose tissue, adipokines, metabolic diseases, biomarker

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