Ewa Jaźwińska-Tarnawska, Zuzanna Ungeheuer, Marta Tusińska, Olga Fedorowicz

Conciliation – a new element of pharmacovigilance

DOI: 10.32383/farmpol/118637

Process of conciliation of medication consists of eliciting the complete list of drugs taken by a patient and implementing it in the course of the new therapy during patient’s hospitalization. An incomplete information on pharmacotherapy leads to medication errors and events such as discontinuation of therapy or inadequate treatment. Analysis of results obtained in various scientific projects reveals that about 27% of errors commited in hospital are an effect of receiving incomplete or incorrect data about patients and their therapy. Not indicating the medicine applied systematically by patient is an essential problem. Therefore patient’s safety depends equally either on information about current therapy received from him and a method of eliciting this information by properly qualified staff of hospital.

Keywords: medication reconciliation, pharmacist, medication discrepancies, hospital, medical history.

© Farm Pol, 2018, 74(11): 663-670

Conciliation – a new element of pharmacovigilance

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