Adrian Bryła, Magdalena Burkacka, Maria Budnik-Szymoniuk, Tomasz Harężlak, Piotr Merks

Pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer

A comprehensive approach to the needs of an oncological patient requires the involvement of specialists of various fields. Regardless of the type of therapy or medical problem effective communication, the transmission of informations, the subjective treatment of the patient (as a member of therapy) is important. This procedure is called „adherence“. Understanding the legitimacy of diagnostic activities, assumptions and course of treatment by the patient is the way to its acceptance and increase of effectiveness of therapy. Cooperation between medical staff and the patient and their caregivers should be continuous and dynamic, adepted to changing needs (depending on the stage of treatment, type and severity of the disease).

Keywords: pharmaceutical care, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy of oncology, chemotherapy, drug related problem.

© Farm Pol, 2019, 75 (3): 164–171

Pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer

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