Norbert Obara, Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko, Anna Królak

The importance and tasks of the Economic Commission in the Drug Reimbursement Act

The article presents the meaning and aim of appointment of the Economic Commission in the Act on reimbursement of medicines for food for special nutritional purposes and medical devices. The aim of the work is an attempt to evaluate the effects of the regulation of the above-mentioned Act on the implementation of the statutory tasks of the Commission in the reimbursement process.
In Author’s opinion, the current practice of the Commission’s activities indicates that it correctly performs tasks related to conducting price negotiations with entities applying for reimbursement. Regulations regarding the composition of the Commission effectively protect against the possible occurrence of conflicts of interest, violation of the principle of confidentiality, or corruption. An important role in the verification of the Commission’s activities is performed by the Central Anticorruption Bureau.
During the reimbursement proceeding, the Economic Commission takes into account the state budget in terms of health policy and the economic opportunities of citizens who are entitled to statutory rights.
Disputes between the entities participating in the reimbursement proceedings and the decisions of the Economic Commission are settled by the Administrative Court.
Keywords: Economic Commission, Drug Reimbursment Act, evaluation of regulation’s effects.

© Farm Pol, 2019, 75(7): 377–383

The importance and tasks of the Economic Commission in the Drug Reimbursement Act

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