Andrzej Kutner, Marzena Mioduszewska, Janusz Obukowicz, Krzysztof Sołtysiak

In memory of the "Effective Director". Recollection of Director Wiesław Szelejewski

This memory tends to present the Wieslaw Szelejewski Director's profile that was remembered by his close associates from the Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland. This memory is to "save from oblivion" what seems to be the most valuable in the person of the Director, and what has not yet been saved. A memory, both for those of his generation who knew Him and for those who are just getting ready to take on serious life challenges. Thanks to his skills, experience and determination, Director Szelejewski led the Institute through a very difficult period of political and economic transformation in the nineties and developed its activities in the first decade of this century. Thanks to his effective actions, the Institute has developed a strong position in the pharmaceutical environment. The director met with recognition and respect from his colleagues. He was full of respect and appreciation for the distinguished employees of the Institute. He kept in touch with retired employees and often included them in their current tasks. He was a demanding boss, but at the same time understanding and helpful to colleagues, especially in difficult life situations. As a charismatic director and visionary, he was able to realize his plans and dreams as a close associate.

Keywords: Wiesław Szelejewski, effective director, recollection, Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

© Farm Pol, 2020, 76 (4): 206–209

In memory of the "Effective Director". Recollection of Director Wiesław Szelejewski

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