Krzysztof Woyna-Orlewicz, Renata Jachowicz

Pharmaceutical industry before COVID-19

Pharmaceutical industry before COVID-19

The 2019 CPhI Annual Report describing rankings, innovations and key trends in pharma industry is summarized. Pharmaceutical markets were assessed based on the following indicators: growth potential, API manufacturing, innovation, competitiveness and finished product. The top three markets are USA, Germany and Japan, while China has made the largest overall improvement. Interestingly, UK demonstrated the largest growth decrease among all the markets reported. The fact is attributed to Brexit. The winner of CPhI Award was PolarDryR Electrostatic Spray Dryer. Thanks electrostatic induction applied in spraying nozzle, polar solvent is moved to the surface and non-polar ingredients into center of droplets. The most promising recent drug delivery devices were drug patches, smart dose injectors, multidose delivery injectable caps and smart dry powder inhalers. The most anticipated drug delivery devices are needle-free devices, wearable delivery devices, pre-filled syringes and dual chamber products as well as autoinjectors and pens. A few preselected articles were briefly summarized. Bikash Chatterjee from Pharmatech Associates described evolution of industry called Pharma 4.0. The key assumptions are gathering of data from across the global supply chain by smart sensors and devices referred to Internet of Things, the data evaluation by applying Artificial Intelligence tools and finally complete integration of databases. Mr. Girish Malhotra presented trends in global quality assurance. The following worth to be highlighted: necessity of technological improvements in manufacturing oriented on costs optimization and the highest possible drug products quality, standardization of requirements for drug products quality assessment. The regulatory agencies are oriented to enforce changes implementation by hesitant companies. D.M. Ecker and P.Seymur from BioProcess Technology Group presented „Mammalian Biomanufacutring Industry Overview”. Vicky Qing Xia described rapidly growing biotechnological market of China. M.E.Ultee paid attention on developing gene therapies market in US.

Keywords: drug industry, economic development, drug development, CPhI.

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Pharmaceutical industry before COVID-19

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