Agnieszka Gunia-Krzyżak, Aleksandra Sowa, KamilPiska, Dorota Żelaszczyk, Henryk Marona

Surprising and unusual ingredients of modern cosmetics


Surprising and unusual ingredients of modern cosmetics

Modern cosmetology is an advanced discipline related to other areas of science, such as chemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology, or biotechnology. Available cosmetics are well-tested and safe products that meet the expectations of consumers in terms of quality and activity. In accordance with current law regulations, manufacturers are required to include a list of cosmetic ingredients on the cosmetic containers using the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) rules, common for the entire European Union. This allows analyzing the composition of the product by the consumers, in terms of the presence of specific ingredients that will meet their expectations, as well as exclusion from use, for example, due to their beliefs. This article provides examples of surprising cosmetic ingredients, the use of which is probably not obvious for the majority of the consumers. The raw materials obtained from snails are used because of their protective properties, as well as positive effect on the condition of the skin, including anti-aging, antioxidant and regenerating activity. Ambergris, a waxy substance derived from the intestine of the sperm whales, is used as a fragrance, and stabilizer of the scent of some perfumes. Fats and oils obtained from minks or domestic animals possess a softening and soothing effect. Animal fats are also used in the production of popular soaps. Hen eggs are also used in cosmetology. The shells used in peelings possess exfoliating functions. In addition, egg whites, yolks, as well as numerous substances isolated from eggs are used. Stem cells used in cosmetology are obtained from in vitro cultivation of areas of dividing tissues. Cosmetic raw materials, which are the content of the cultured cells, have anti-aging, protective and regenerative properties. The knowledge of examples of surprising cosmetic ingredients will allow a better insight into the used cosmetic products as well as will encourage to broaden the interest in modern cosmetology.

Keywords: cosmetic ingredients, cosmetic materials, cosmetics.

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Surprising and unusual ingredients of modern cosmetics

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