Aldona Maciejewska, Krzysztof Niwiński, Iwona Skiba-Kurek, Renata Jachowicz

Modern solutions in the area of eye drops packaging

Modern packaging provides the preparation of eye drops without the addition of preservatives while maintaining the drug’s shelf life. Therefore, various types of structural and functional solutions are used to protect the content against microbial contamination. Multi-dose packages contain multi-stage security mechanisms such as valves, membranes, filters and pressure compensation systems, ensuring the sterility of the preparation. In pharmaceutical practice, it is possible to make a compounded eye drops without preservatives in single-dose containers, the so-called minims, multi-dose plastic mini-bottles or, more recently, in multi-dose containers preventing contamination of the drug during the period of its use by the patient. The period after opening varies according to the type of container. The minims are intended for single use only. The preparation closed in a mini-bottle can be used several times, up to a maximum of 24 hours. However, in the case of multiple dose Novelia® packs of various capacities, the preparation can be used for 4 weeks.

The results of sterility tests of two compounded eye drops, carried out by the direct inoculation method, confirmed the effectiveness of packaging protection with the preservative-free dispenser and the possibility of denoting the use-by period of 4 weeks. These packages are available with three types of applicators adapted to different viscosity eye drops, which is advantageous in the context of ensuring adequate dosing accuracy but requires knowledge and sensible choice of the correct package by the person who prepares the drops. A comparison of preservative-free packages for compounded eye drops was also carried out in terms of the consumption of the polymer necessary for their production and the possibility of using the drug contained in them. The new multi-dose containers for compounded eye drops are a good complement to the range of eye drops packaging, due to the sterility of the preparation during therapy, easy application and economical use of the drug and packaging material.

Keywords: preservatives, eye drops, single-dose packages, preservative-free multi-dose containers.

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Modern solutions in the area of eye drops packaging

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